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This page include profiles of all the key members of the team from the 2008 season.

Ray Mallock - Founder and Chief Executive, RML

RML’s Managing Director, Ray started his professional career with an apprenticeship at Aston Martin, before joining the family motorsport business, Mallock Racing. He worked there with his father Arthur and brother Richard, producing the famous Mallock U2 racing cars that started the motorsport involvement of many people in the sport today.

Ray then went on to carve out a successful driving career, being a Grovewood award winner (the forerunner to today's Autosport Awards) in 1971, when he was acknowledged as being one of the 'up and coming' British drivers of the early 1970s. He went on to win the British Formula Atlantic Championship twice, before moving into sports car racing. He won nine world championship events in Group C2 in the 1980s.

Ray's engineering and business skills enabled him to form RML in 1984, combining his joint passions for driving and engineering. This ultimately led to his being responsible for the build and development of the Ecurie Ecosse and Aston Martin Group C cars of the 1980s. Ray retired from his professional driving career in 1989 to concentrate on the business and spend more time engineering. Since then RML has gone on to win in every category in which it has competed, including being multiple BTCC champions for Vauxhall and Nissan; rally champions for Vauxhall and Opel, designing, building and developing America's first supercar, the Saleen S7, and winning LMP2 twice with the RML-developed MG Lola EX264.

In 2004 he retuned to Le Mans as a driver for the first time since 1989 driving the Roger Bennington owned Aston Martin Nimrod in the Group C GTP Motor Racing Legends race that preceded the 2004 Le Mans 24 Hours. He finished third in class. This was also an opportunity for Ray to reacquaint himself with the Aston Martin Nimrod that had been such an important part of his driving career and RML’s development.

Ray still finds time - as often as he can - to race his historic Mallock U2 Clubmans cars and he regularly competes in one of the Aston Martin DB4’s owned by Marsh Plant and prepared by RML. In 2004 he shared a Saleen S7-R in the Spa 24 Hours with his son Michael.

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Phil Barker – Team Manager & Race Operations Director

The RML Le Mans and Le Mans Series team is headed by Phil Barker, whose motorsport career started more than 20 years ago in the World Sportscar Championship with John Fitzpatrick Racing.

Phil set out as a motorsport technician in 1984 but, utilising his engineering qualifications, soon progressed to chief mechanic, developing a specialist knowledge of transmission preparation and development. His early assignments included the World Championship-winning Ecurie Ecosse C2 and Aston Martin C1 programmes before he joined Tyrrell F1 to manage its transmission department.

Phil returned to RML in 1995, where he race-engineered John Cleland to the driver’s title in the highly competitive British Touring Car Championship. He continued to engineer the Scot's car until 1997, when RML was retained by Nissan to run its BTCC programme. Phil then spent three years race-engineering another Scot, David Leslie, culminating in a championship runner-up spot in 1999.

Throughout his BTCC era Phil also worked as development engineer with particular emphasis on transmission, steering and damper development.

When RML returned to GT/Sportscar racing with the Saleen programme in 2000 Phil was a key member of the development team, and then went on to lead the championship-winning ELMS programme in 2001.

Over the last few years Phil has been running the majority of RML’s race activities, including entries at Le Mans, the FIA GT Championship, the LMES, Le Mans Series and winning the UK-based ASCAR oval stock car series two years in succession in 2002/3.

Since 2005 Phil has been the mastermind behind RML’s successful LMES and Le Mans Series campaigns, culminating in two class-winning performances from the MG EX264 in the Le Mans 24 Hours of 2005 and 2006 and the Le mans Series LMP2 team title in 2007.

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Adam Wiseberg – Motorsports Director, AD Holdings

AD Holdings is the principal sponsor of RML’s sports prototype programme. Within that context, Adam performs a complicated role, not only acting as the chief point of contact between AD and the race team, but also being the visible face of the squad as far as the team’s guests are concerned. During race weekends, Adam co-ordinates the links between the team garage and hospitality, organising pit visits, taking driver interviews, explaining the complexities of the car and ensuring that the day runs smoothly for the visitors. At other times Adam is responsible for all the team’s marketing and public profile – everything from taking the final decision on issues relating to the MG’s livery and sponsor placement, to merchandising, branding, negotiating additional sponsorship, and publicity.

This façade, however, hides a die-hard motorsport enthusiast – and not merely from the relative comfort of a hospitality suite! Adam is also an accomplished driver in his own right, and while his regular outings are at the wheel of a historic rally car or classic sportscar, like his favourite MGA, he has also competed at international levels in contemporary GT racing. He co-drove an RML Saleen S7R with Ray and Michael Mallock in the 2004 Spa 24 Hours, and in 2005 made his British GT debut with Emotional Engineering at the wheel of the team’s Monaro GT.

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Rick Perry – Race Technician

Rick is one of the most experienced members of the RML sportscar squad, having spent more than half his life in motorsport. He’s worked in Formula 1, DTM German touring cars, GT and sportcars, and his list of satisfied employers includes names like Mercedes, Jaguar, Stewart Grand Prix and Lotus.

2008 will be Rick’s fifth year with RML. “I love the people in this team, and I love working with them,” he says. “Right from the very top, from Ray (Mallock), the drivers and the team management, and all the way through, it’s like working for a huge family, not just another race team."

"I have a very wide competitive streak,” he adds, “and I like to be on the winning side. It’s so good to feel you’ve had a hand in a something that’s successful, and because of that competitive steak, I get a huge sense of achievement whenever we do well. You also know that it’s never down to one person. This is a real team effort, and we all work together really well, but it’s very satisfying work.”

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Jason Hancock – Race Technician (Number 1 Mechanic)

New to the team in 2008, Jason's profile will be updated shortly.

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Adam Hughes – Race Technician (Number 2 Mechanic)

Although still labelled as a “Junior”, Adam is by no means a novice, as Rick Perry explained. “Experience belies his years,” says the team’s Senior Race Technician. “There are not many in this business who can get to the age of twenty-one and claim to have been on the winning team at Le Mans twice. Adam is one of those guys who always wants to improve, do better, and achieve more. He’s not just a body-polisher, even if that’s where he started out. No, he’s a sharp, effective member of the team and he's an excellent mechanic!” That’s praise indeed from someone of Rick’s experience and standing.

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Will George (No 3, Apprentice Mechanic)

New to the team in 2008, Will's profile will be updated shortly.

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Teddy Pedersen - Sub Assembly Technician

Teddy is one of the longest-serving members of the RML squad, having been with the team for thirteen years now. Danish by birth, Teddy started out as a mechanic, completed a stint as truckie between 2001 and 2003, and is now predominantly employed as Sub Assembly Technician. This is a demanding job, with considerable responsibilities, but doesn’t go without recognition. “Teddy is a remarkably capable member of the team,” says Phil Barker. “He’s very loyal, a meticulous worker, an excellent mechanic and a huge asset to the team.”

When RML was running the Vauxhall and Nissan squad's in the British Touring Car Championship, Teddy acted as Number One mechanic on the test team during the period when RML dominated British Touring cars.

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Jamie Cox – Fabricator

New to the team in 2008, Jamie's profile will be updated shortly.

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Rafal Pokora– Data & Simulation Engineer

New to the team in 2008, Rafal's profile will be updated shortly.

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Mason Jeffreys – Number One Truckie

New to the team in 2008, Mason's profile will be updated shortly.

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Andy Berzins– Number Two Truckie

New to the team in 2008, Andy's profile will be updated shortly.

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Mark Deacon – Pit Support Technician

A community police officer with the Metropolitan Police by trade, Mark Deacon joined RML for the Le Mans 24 Hours for the first time in 2007, and will be back again this year.

A feature about Mark was included after last year's race, and can be viewed again here.

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Russell Sames – Engine Technical Support (AER)

Russell has been AER’s full-time representative on the RML squad for two seasons now, acting as technical support for the MG’s two-litre turbocharged AER engine. Described as one of the “top guys” in the business, Russell is just “happy that they go on believing that!”. He’s been with AER for six years now, having come to the company via Pi and, before that, Pectel; one of Mike Lancaster’s earlier companies before he founded AER.

In 2006 Russell oversaw the Chamberlain Synergy LMP1 Lola, also powered by an AER unit, but moved to RML from the start of 2007. Not only was he with the team for the Le Mans 24 Hours, but he also accompanies RML to most rounds in the Le Mans Series. “Once the engine is installed and running, one of my main duties is to keep an eye on the engine telemetry and management system, and try to pick up on any potential problems before they arise.” He enjoys the satisfaction of bringing together fine engineering and complex electronics, and achieving a balance that works. “It’s enormously satisfying,” he says.

Russell has been associated with MG and Le Mans since the very beginning of the sportscar programme, having been involved with the works MG EX257 project from 2000.

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Karl Duchesne - Electronics Support (Life Racing)

2008 will be Karl’s third year with RML, having been on permanent secondment to RML since the start of 2006. As a representative of Life Racing, Karl has expert responsibility for design and maintenance of the MG's wiring loom and all the car's electrical components and installations. “We do a lot of work with AER,” he explains. “Although I work exclusively with RML, Life Racing also deals with several other teams using the AER engine, including Radical and ASM.” Aspects of Karl’s work cover the Engine Management system, Chassis Control and all the peripheral wiring. It’s a great responsibility, and a challenge. “The entire installation is unique to the MG,” he says. “It has been specially designed for RML, and for this car, and there is hardly any carry-over, not even to the other cars based on the similar Lola chassis. They’re all different.” Karl works closely with Rick Perry, RML’s Senior Race Technician.

Life Racing is an affiliate company of AER Limited.

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Anne Morel - French Liaison

Last year was Anne’s fourth Le Mans with RML, having first joined the team in 2003. Since that time she has become a regular member of the team at events and races all around Europe, acting as Liaison Officer between RML and the ACO.

Although Anne has a long-standing interest in motorsport, her last full-time job was as Finance and Administration Director for the French Chamber of Commerce in England. Based in London, it was a post she occupied for eleven years.

Outside her direct responsibilities towards RML, Anne also works to help young and talented drivers make their way in motorsport. Her past “charges” include Nic Minassian, now enjoying international recognition with Peugeot Total, and Briton Adam Sharpe. She was also instrumental in helping Thierry Sabin establish the Paris-Dakar Rally as one of the most gruelling and demanding motorsport challenges in the world.

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Marcus Potts - Press Officer

2008 will be Marcus’s fifth season with RML, and he has been working as Press Officer for at least one of the race teams competing in the 24 Hours every year since 1995.

That first post at Le Mans was with Team Marcos, when he was nominated for the ACO’s Media Communication Award, narrowly losing out to Yves Courage in the final analysis, but still gaining an honourable mention – the only time to date that a “runner-up” has ever been acknowledged. Since then he has worked for a variety of teams, including Marcos Racing International, Chamberlain Motorsport, Skea Racing International (second in GT2 in 2000) and PK Sport (three times). In 2003 he was also employed by Team Bentley to report on the squad's build-up to what would be a memorable outright win for the historic British marque.

Away from Le Mans, Marcus was Press Officer for Porsche GB in 2001, covering Kelvin Burt and Marino Francitti’s dominant run to the British GT title. He followed that with two seasons as Press Officer for GruppeM Motorsport, assisting the team to the British GT2 title in 2004, and then following them through to the FIA GT Championship GT2 title as works team for Porsche in 2005.

Marcus prepares Press Releases for the team, takes many of the team’s photographs (both trackside and in the pitlane) and writes, designs, hosts and maintains the team’s website. A graphic designer and copywriter by trade, Marcus has been a motorsport enthusiast since the Group C days. His first visit to Le Mans was in 1988, with a group of friends from TWR Jaguar in Kidlington. They cheered Jan Lammers, Johnnie Dumfries and a certain Andy Wallace to victory that year. Little did Marcus know that one day he’d be working with Andy at Le Mans.

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