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This page is a dedication to the hard-work and determination of the RML mechanics and engineers who worked so hard to keep the team's MG EX264 running during the Le Mans 24 Hours of 2005. Despite a succession of dramas, starting with the very first lap of the race, and going right through to the final hours, these men never even considered giving up, although others might well have sat back defeated. Thanks to their resilience, Mike Newton, Tommy Erdos and Warren Hughes were able to press on to the chequered flag, winning LMP2 against all the odds.

More than half these people have returned in 2006 for another season with RML and their profiles appear in more detail in the 2006 Team Listing. A few, however, have moved on, but their contribution is not forgotten.

Phil Barker

Phil Barker – Team Manager & Race Operations Director

Under the prevailing circumstances of Le Mans 2005, Phil might have been forgiven for losing just a bit of his cool, but not this man. Ever the professional, Phil Barker keeps his head while others in the pitlane might be losing theirs, and under his guidance the team overcame some quite remarkable obstacles to secure what must have seemed an unlikely victory.

His full profile can be read under the new 2006 Team Listing.

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Alastair Macqueen

Alastair Macqueen – Race & Development Engineer

Alastair is one of those who has now left RML, but his expertise was vital to the team's success in 2005.

He has extensive experience of prototype sportscars and endurance racing. His motorsport career began in the late 1970’s and in 1980 he joined Eddie Jordan Racing. A successful partnership with Martin Brundle in Formula 3 followed before he moved to TWR Jaguar in the late 1980’s. He became part of the successful team that took the Le Mans 24 Hours race honours in 1988 and 1990.

Further successful Le Mans and British GT programmes followed before Alastair took the role of Project Manager for the hugely successful Le Mans Bentley programme in 2003. He joined RML at the start of the EX264 programme, but moved on to fresh pastures at the end of the 2005 season.

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Michael Jakeman

Michael Jakeman (Jakey) - Chief Race Technician

Michael remains with the team in 2006, but was a lynchpin to RML's Le Mans victory in 2005. As well as his technical work between sessions, Jakey is the guy who steps out into the pitlane whenever the driver is heading back to the garage. Whether it's to refuel, take on new tyres, or complete a driver swap, it's Jakey's job to oversee the smooth running of each pitstop and release the car back into the race when the stop has been completed successfully.

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Vince Mitchell

Vince Mitchell – No 1. Race Technician

Vince has been with RML for years, and is back again in 2006 for more of the same.

Like Paul Smallcorn, Vince seems to be permanently in a good mood, and when his duties permit, he'll usually make time to explain technical aspects of the car and talk to the team's many supporters.

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Paul Smallcorn

Paul ‘Chirpy’ Smallcorn – Fabricator/Race Technician

Paul has been with RML for more than a decade, working for Ray Mallock's outfit through thick and thin. During that time's he's seen the highs and lows of motorsport - the frustration of those wins that "get away", and the others that come back despite the adversities. Chirpy by nature as well as by name, he takes it in his stride, and remains at the heart of the team in 2006.

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Lee Webb

Lee Webb – No 2. Race Technician

Lee remained with RML for just one season - but what a year to choose! His previous prototype experience had been gained in a number of roles, including a stint with Creation in 2004.

In 2002/2003 he worked as a mechanic for Lister on their FIA GT, LMES and ALMS programmes.

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Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes – Junior Race Technician

The baby of the team, nineteen-year-old Adam joined RML in 2001 as a trainee mechanic. He came to the team to fulfil an element in the diploma in Mechanical Engineering he was studying at the time, and he's been part of RML’s LMES, FIA GT, Le Mans and ASCAR programmes ever since.

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Teddy doesn't like
having his picture
taken . . . and we
never did manage
to catch him unawares
in 2005. Perhaps we'll
have beter luck in 2006!

Teddy Pedersen - Sub Assembly Technician

2006 will be Teddy's twelfth year with RML, making him one of the longest-standing members of the squad. Originally from Denmark, Teddy started out as a mechanic, completed a stint as truckie between 2001 and 2003, and is now predominantly employed as Sub Assembly Technician.

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Jon Wedlake

Jon Wedlake - Electronics/Data Engineer

Jon joined RML at the start of the 2005 season after a number of years in the rallying field, where he worked as a Data Engineer for Rallyart. Previously he had worked for Motec as a European Support Engineer, Data Systems. He left the squad at the end of the 2005 season.

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Dave French

Dave French – Transport

Dave already had many years of Le Mans and endurance racing experience before he came to join RML. He seemed to have brought good luck to many of the teams he'd worked with, having been part of the second-placed Veloqx team in 2004 and the winning Bentley squad in 2003, so perhaps RML's remarkable LMP2 victory in 2005 wasn't purely down to chance.

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James Plummer

James Plummer – Transport

James also has many years of Le Mans and endurance experience and has worked alongside Dave for most of them. He was also a member of Team Veloqx in 2004 and the winning Bentley team of 2003. Prior to that James worked for the Nordic Racing F3000 squad and was with the team when they won the title in 2002.
James and Dave have now both moved on from RML, but we wish them luck through 2006.

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Chris Notley

Damon Fuller

Support – Team & Engine

Chris Notley and Damon Fuller, both pictured left, provided extensive ‘gofer’ services throughout the Le Mans weekend. Many visitors to the pitlane on the Friday before the race will have met Chris, as his duties included handing out herocards and answering questions about the MG EX264.

The team was further supported at Le Mans by Steve Jones and John Judd Jnr, providing engine support.

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Jason Stone

Jason Stone

As well as being a civil aviation pilot, and flying members of the team to far-away places, Jason is also very up-to-speed on many of TransVu's technical equipment. He is responsible for the in-car CCTV installations and the live feed giving additional telemetry and visual information to the team back in the garage.

Michell Seaman

Michell Seaman - PR and Liaison

Michell is the face of RML that the team's many guests and supporters will often meet first. She also handles RML's PR and marketing, writing news items and informing the media of new developments back at Wellingborough and in the many other areas of motorsport where RML is now active.

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