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RML BSS Safety Seat Insert System

From the drivers’ point of view, one of the most important developments to come out of RML’s various motorsport programmes over recent years has been the proving, on track and in testing, of the revolutionary BSS seat-insert system.

RML Group and Bald Spot Sports (BSS), based in Indiana USA, joined forces in 2003 to distribute the ground-breaking race seat system throughout the UK and continental Europe.

BSS has been engaged in the production of technologically superior race seats for professional drivers and racing enthusiasts in the United States for more than twenty-five years. Its Creasorb™ Multi Impact and Creafoam™ Single Impact seats have repeatedly demonstrated superior impact-absorbing characteristics in nearly every form of American top-level motorsport, including NASCAR and IRL. However, only with the establishment of the on-going development programme with RML has this innovative and potentially life-saving technology become widely available in Europe, with RML as the exclusive distributor.

Two types of seat insert are available. One has all the benefits of the high-impact protection offered by the Creaform™ technology, but must be replaced after any serious accident. The second, which also incorporates a replaceable Creasorb™ plug insert for even greater protection from high G-force incidents, can be used time and time again.

Both types of seat are manufactured using a granular bead system that offers safety benefits unrivalled by any other products currently on the market, and can also be fitted to any form of competition vehicle.

  Key features of the Creafoam™ Single Impact seat
(These are available as a boxed kit in several sizes)
  In the event of an accident, or during high-speed motorsport, Creafoam™ offers enhanced energy management capabilities over conventional expanding foam or polystyrene-based seats.
  The systems inherently superior dimensional stability improves driver comfort and offers greater support.
  A lengthier cure time assures an easier and more exact first-time fit
  Finished seat is extremely lightweight – typically around 2kg
  The completed seat offers extreme high-temperature resistance
    Key features of the Creasorb™ Multi Impact seat
(This system requires an initial one-off 3D scanning process)
  The Creasorb™ shell retains its integrity after multiple impacts due to its unique elastic properties
  Multi-impact seats employ a unique two-part construction, comprising a Creasorb™ outer shell that incorporates a replaceable Creafoam™ or Creasorb™ central plug.
  The Creafoam™ central plug, positioned at the base of the driver’s back and behind the neck, offers maximum stability during normal use, and then impressive force-deadening capabilities during a single impact.
  Using Creasorb™ improves driver comfort and allows intricate shapes to be formed with smoother surface textures.
  Once created to the driver’s satisfaction, the seat is digitally scanned and this record is archived. New plugs and complete seats can be made quickly and efficiently without the need for subsequent fittings.

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