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Good News ~ Bad News from WTCC. Brno (Rounds 9& 10), 17th/18th June 2007. Issued June 20th 2007

Larini Regains Fourth in Title Race

Nicola Larini scored valuable points in Brno to move back into fourth overall in the championship table, while bad luck and race incidents hampered Alain Menu and Rob Huff.

The seven points gained in the Czech round of the WTCC have allowed Nicola Larini to regain fourth position in the WTCC drivers’ overall standings (and the first among front-wheel drive cars): this is the main take-away for Chevrolet of the Round 9 and 10 races in Brno. There was also some degree of frustration, as Alain Menu, 8th in Race 1 and on pole for Race 2, saw the prospect of a podium finish in the second race ruined by a race incident. Similarly, Rob Huff had, for this year anyway, a particularly unlucky Sunday in sunny Moravia.

The team has three weeks before heading to the next stop, Porto; a street circuit which is virtually unknown to everybody in the WTCC but which should suit the Lacetti’s characteristics.


Nicola Larini (5th/6th)
“I am happy to be scoring some good points again and to climb one position in the Championship. In Race 1 I did not have a very good start but I passed first corner like in a dream! I saw cars touching on the left and I took the inside, gaining seven positions. From then on I just had to control the two Seats behind me to secure fifth place. In Race 2, I had a good start but Zanardi touched me and I lost a couple of positions. After that, I couldn’t really catch up on Thompson, as every time I got close to him, I was losing grip because of aerodynamics”.

Alain Menu (8th/DNF)
"Eighth place in Race 1 was not bad at all, under the circumstances. I was taken in a sandwich at the first corner and I was lucky to get out of that with no damage. Then I was in the little group of cars led by Nicola and had a relatively uneventful race. The car was handling better towards the end of the race; I think that the relatively soft set-up we had helped the tyres work better at the end. In Race 2, I know it was going to be difficult to keep the advantage of the pole position but I was hoping to be in the podium. Unfortunately, Zanardi hit me and that resulted in a puncture and damage to the steering and the end of my race. It’s a shame!”

Rob Huff (20th/NCF)
It has been a frustrating week-end. In both races I had very good starts but not for long. In Race 1 I gained some ten positions at the start, climbing up to tenth, but then a couple of competitors tangled up and I was hit in the front left wheel. Something must have bent, because I had very bad steering, couldn’t turn to the right, and my race was ruined. Same in Race 2, but there it was the car letting me down, for the first time in three years. The gear linkage broke, probably as a result of the accident in Race 1, and I was left with no gears. It went back to the track in the last lap, after the repairing, just to check that there was no other damage to my Lacetti”.

Wayne Brannon (Executive Director Chevrolet Europe)
“I have been following all of the races this year and it’s great to be with the team here today, and to feel the spirit of competition and the enthusiasm around Chevrolet up close. It’s a great boost for all of us, for our dealers, our guests and our customers to feel the energy of our racing team. I am very pleased with the performance this year and I have even higher expectations going forward. Racing DNA has always been part of Chevrolet’s history and is at the heart of who we are today. I expect it to be part of our future as well”.

BRNO Race 1 Result

1. F Porteiro BMW 320si 11 laps in 26m51s609 (Av: 132.76 kph)
2. J Müller BMW 320si + 0s259
3. A Zanardi BMW 320si + 3s285
4. A Farfus BMW 320si + 4s284
5. N Larini Chevrolet Lacetti + 14s147
8. A Menu Chevrolet Lacetti +17s570
20. R Huff Chevrolet Lacetti + 51s405

BRNO Race 2Result

1. J Müller BMW 320si 10 laps in 22m42s008 (Ave: 142.81kph)
2. A Farfus BMW 320si + 0s812
3. F Porteiro BMW 320si + 4s820
4. G Tarquini Seat Leon + 7s362
5. J Thompson Alfa Romeo 156 + 9s619
6. N Larini Chevrolet Lacetti + 10s113
NCF R Huff Chevrolet Lacetti 3 Laps
DNF A Menu Chevrolet Lacetti 1 Lap

Drivers' Points Standings after Race 10 of 22
1. A Priaulx (BMW), 42 pts; 2. A Frafus (BMW), 40; 3. J Mller (BMW) 31; 4. Y Muller (SEAT), 28; 5. N Larini (Chevrolet) 25; ... 7. A Menu (Chevrolet), 21 ...11. R Huff (Chevrolet), 14, etc

Manufacturer's Points Standings after Race 10 OF 22
1. BMW, 106 pts; 2. SEAT, 86; 3. Chevrolet, 71; 4. Alfa Romeo, 39.

The next race of the 2007 World Touring Car Championship takes place in Porto, Portugal, on 8th July.

The full calendar for the year is:

2007 FIA World Touring Car Championship
11 March - Curitiba, Brazil - raced
6 May - Zandvoort, Netherlands - raced

20 May - Valencia, Spain
3 June - Pau, France

17 June - Brno, Czech Republic
8 July - Porto, Portugal
29 July - Anderstorp, Sweden
2 September - Oschersleben, Germany
23 September -Brands Hatch, Great Britain
7 October - Monza, Italy
18 November - Macau, China

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