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Autosport International 2007
RML Launches X-Pro Brand and RML Engines Division. Issued January 13th 2007

RML Launches X-Pro and Engines at Autosport International

There has been a vast amount of activity within RML over the past twelve months or so. In June, concurrent with the team’s Le Mans return (and class victory) came the launch of the RML X-Power brand, offering performance parts and support for owners of MG and Rover road cars. A little earlier in the year, RML Historic had made its first appearance at the Historic Motorsport Show at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry. That division drew upon RML’s unrivalled heritage and experience of building, developing and maintaining historic racing cars, and offers that expertise to owners of these extraordinary machines. Now, as we head into 2007, two further arrows have been strung to the increasingly powerful RML bow in the form, first, of RML X-Pro, and then, RML Engines. Both were promoted on RML’s stand at last weekend’s Autosport International.

The X-Pro brand represents an exciting innovation for RML, taking the organisation beyond the traditional field of automotive development and into the design, manufacture and supply of high-technology within motorsport. The first three products to be revealed owe a considerable amount to the MG sports prototype programme, where much of the extensive and necessarily vigorous testing has been undertaken.

In association with AD Holdings, RML has been developing an on-board digital imaging system that offers unprecedented quality and durability within motorsport applications. For the past three seasons, the team’s MG (in both EX257 and EX264 guise) has carried the prototypes of this pioneering new technology. Over that time the components have been refined, made more robust (to withstand the extraordinary extremes of the racetrack environment – vibration, lateral G, aerodynamic considerations, variations in temperature and weather etc) and made more compact, such that the system is now significantly smaller, lighter and tougher than anything else currently available. Compare the size of the DIR unit (above) with a laptop computer, as illustrated by the photograph left.

While the MG’s drivers have had the Digital Image Recorder (DIR) peering over their shoulder each time they’ve headed out on track, they’ve also been enjoying the security of knowing that their physical wellbeing was being catered for by the latest in high- and multi-impact safety seating systems. In collaboration with BSS (Bald Spot Sports) of Indiana, USA, RML has been instrumental in bringing forward the availability of this revolutionary new seating technology for racing drivers. Gone are the uncomfortable days of sitting in a bin-liner full of expanding foam!

This system employs new fillings trademarked as Creasorb and Creafoam. The former has unique elastic properties that mean the seat can be used again and again, even after an accident, without deterioration in the seat’s effectiveness. The latter, which is used in the neck and lumbar area, offers extreme high-impact protection, and is supplied in plug form that can be replaced after an accident. With the whole seat being created using a computerized scanning and manufacture system, only one seat fitting is required, and multiple seats can be made for each driver at the touch of a button.

Also on display at the show was RML’s Infra-red Tyre-Heating System (right). Proven in race conditions by being employed for the past two seasons by the team behind RML’s MG Lola EX264, the technology offers a vastly improved tyre heating process when compared to traditional systems. The X-Pro product assures a deeper, more evenly distributed heat that is regulated throughout the whole tyre, from surface through to carcass. It is also much faster in operation, achieving 70°C within ten minutes, and more accurate heating, with a controlled range from 40°C to 100°C. The whole system packs away into a single flight case, and can be assembled by two people and fully operational within five minutes.

In addition to the launch of X-Pro, RML was also promoting its new Engines division at Autosport International. Drawing on the experience gained within all levels of motorsport, from Formula 1 and sportscars, through touring cars and Moto GP, RML has an extensive understanding of what makes a racing engine tick. Although established over a year ago, in order to design, develop and operate the Chevrolet WTCC engine programme, RML kept relatively quiet about the new division until now. With all the benefits of a proven track record, that expertise is now available to others, and RML Engines is able to offer total design and development capabilities, including full machining and manufacture, assembly, calibration and support. Shown here is one of the 1998 cc four cylinder engines utilised by the Chevrolet World Touring Car Lacettis. These generate 280 bhp at 8,500 rpm, and 197 ft/lbs of torque at 5,800 rpm.

For further information on RML Engines or any of the X-Pro products, including downloadable literature in PDF format, please visit the RML website.

High resolution images from the Autosport Show are available from this gallery.

An RML round-up from Autosport International will follow shortly.