Team RLR, Le Mans Series 2011
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Team RLR, Le Mans Series 2011

Le Mans Series 2011
Team RLR takes delivery of first Judd HK V8
Issued January 24th 2011

Team RLR, Le Mans Series 2011RLR Get First Judd HK Engine

RLR Motorsport has taken delivery of the very first Judd-developed BMW ‘HK’ engine, to meet the new 2011 Le Mans Series regulations for LMP2.

The engine has successfully completed dyno testing with no issues and with performance shown to be better than expected.

Stan Hall, general manager at Judd said; “It does exactly what it says on the tin.”

The 3.6 litre Judd unit is based on a 4.0 litre BMW block, and should provide the team with a far more competitive power source than they had in 2010. Team RLR driver Barry Gates is hoping for great things once track testing begins.

“While we did well in terms of speed and reliability in the races we ran in Hungary and at Silverstone last year, the biggest thing we missed out on last season was real top-end grunt – and there should be no shortage of that with the new engine,” said Gates.

“We don’t have all the figures just yet, but needless to say we’re happy with the increase in output this far.

“There is obviously quite a change in the configuration, moving from highly-tuned version of a  2-litre twin-turbo engine, to the 3.6 litre normally-aspirated Judd unit.. So it will be interesting to see if or how that changes the feel of the car. But we won’t know that until we get it out for some laps.

“Just now, it’s about getting the installation completed in order to meet our development schedule.”

Team RLR, Le Mans Series 2011

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